Nine young people hospitalized and 268 in quarantine in Palma and nearly 1,000 infections across Spain after the macro-epidemic in Mallorca


Updated: Monday, June 28, 2021 11:29

Posted: 06.28.2021 11:28

The coronavirus macro-epidemic recorded in Mallorca after a year-end trip continues to add positive, with the Balearic Islands, the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country among the most affected territories. At the heart of the spread, in Palma de Mallorca, the Balearic government reported that 268 students from different communities remain isolated there due to the massive crowds that occurred between young people last week.

Of those 268 students, 175 are currently separated in Palma Bellver’s ‘COVID hotel’, having had some sort of direct or indirect relationship with this outbreak. Additionally, of the 175 students who underwent PCR testing, 33 tested positive and 45 tested negative. Likewise, it has been reported that at present nine positives with symptoms have been transferred to Son Espases University Hospital as a precaution.

“The young people admitted are in good condition,” the authorities said. For the remaining 93 students who continue to be isolated in other hotel complexes in Mallorca, a control protocol has been established in collaboration with the government delegation so that they remain in their rooms. In addition, 175 workers from the six hotels mainly affected by the macro-epidemic underwent diagnostic tests and one of them tested positive for COVID.

410 cases of COVID in Madrid and 2000 in quarantine

As for Madrid, the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has reported 410 confirmed cases of COVID following Monday’s event. At the same time, the territory of Madrid maintains 2,000 people in quarantine and has identified up to 11 cases of secondary transmission in ten derived foci. “This is the biggest epidemic since the start of the pandemic and there will surely be more cases,” said Antonio Zapatero, deputy minister of Public Health and COVID-19 Plan, in an interview with “Onda Madrid “.

Zapatero has confirmed that testing is being carried out relentlessly to locate all possible spread scenarios in the region. Concretely, he explained that they have already carried out 2,400 tests out of the “3,000 that must be done”. However, he clarified that due to the vaccination campaign, the effects of this transmission are minor. As the deputy adviser indicated, “the majority of parents and grandparents” are already vaccinated in Madrid and an increase in hospital pressure has not been noted in recent hours.

Although he doesn’t want to downplay what happened: “This epidemic makes us think and think that the virus is still there and what if the appropriate action is not taken. In this case, all the rules have been ignored. Specifically, with reference to young people, he detailed that “the vast majority” have been infected with the British variant. “Some of them” is related to the delta variant.

Euskadi, another of the big affected

The impact is also noticeable in the Basque Country, which on Monday confirmed to have already counted at least 172 positive cases, although the Basque authorities believe that this figure will increase in the coming hours and days. Currently, 306 young people in the territory are maintaining around forty. The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, stressed at the same time that the group of people affected is reacting in the “good” way in the community.

That is, 500 young people have already undergone a PCR test to collect more detailed data on the impact of the macro-epidemic. In Galicia, authorities have reported that the massive epidemic in Mallorca has already affected 70 people in the territory, although they hope to continue updating this data throughout the day. And in Murcia, 26 cases have been reported. In Castilla-La Mancha, another of the affected communities, there are already 19 confirmed cases and they keep an exhaustive follow-up on more than 100 people.

In addition to the above, there are so far eight communities affected by the macro-epidemic, although as of Monday they have yet to update data regarding the effects of it. In Catalonia, 14 positive cases of young people from Barcelona and eight others from central Catalonia have been detected, although the authorities have specified that these are infections that are not very symptomatic or asymptomatic, so the epidemiological study “needs time “. In addition, 64 positives and over 260 close contacts have been identified from another outbreak due to a year-end trip to Menorca.

The Valencian Community, for its part, has announced in recent days that it is maintaining 67 positive cases, although all of them have mild symptoms. And in Aragon, ten positive cases were counted in the same period in a group of 15 young people who were in Mallorca from June 12 to 18, on a study trip, and who had left the city of Teruel d’Alcañiz. At present, more cases have been registered in student groups, nor in secondary contacts.

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