Ninja Theory shows us the hyperrealism of the Mara project

In 2018, Microsoft began to show its growing interest in Xbox by acquiring a large number of studios. Six studios were acquired that year, including Ninja Theory.

This British study completed 20 years of history last year and did it in style. Showing what the future holds and how they’re working on two new games: HellBlade Senua’s Saga II and Project Mara. After 20 years and 10 games developed, they are now going further.

Ninja Theory and the hyperrealism of the Mara project

Many times it has been criticized by some Xbox users who lack high quality graphics games. The competition assumes you see what they have and want something similar. Now it looks like that is changing on Xbox and Perfect Dark and Project Mara will bet on more realistic games.

Something very interesting that the folks at Ninja Theory are doing is making a series of videos about their work. It shows us how a study of life makes a game possible and does so in maximum detail.

Yesterday, through Tameem Antoniades, we saw the work they were doing to capture the real world to accurately represent it. It’s very interesting how they pick up leather or even dust particles on a surface to be able to play with these elements.

It’s amazing how Ninja Theory went from a studio that developed an AA game through crowdfunding at this level of detail. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft was interested in this study, they proved they offered something different from Xbox Game Studios.

Hellblade Senua’s Saga and Devil May Cry are games that are very popular with the community. It’s surprising how Ninja Theory crossed different genres and made it stand out.

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