Nirav Modi Appeal Against Order: Options With Nirav Modi Against Extradition Order: Nirav Modi Has Options Against Extradition

The UK Home Office has approved the extradition of diamond trader Nirav Modi, who had carried out a scam worth thousands of crore rupees from India. Nirav had appealed this to a London court for a long time and was trying to escape. However, in a judgment handed down in February, the court rejected all of his arguments and he has now received a setback from the government.

Now what option?
However, Nirav still has a choice. In fact, the court had provided sufficient evidence against Nirav and sent the extradition decision to the Home Office. British Secretary of State Preeti Patel has stamped his extradition, according to a CBI official. Nirav now has 14 days to appeal to the High Court. If the High Court does not change the extradition decision, the diamond dealer will be taken to India.

Extradition of Nirav Modi: a fugitive back in India, the British Home Secretary confirms the extradition of Nirav Modi
Reject all arguments
British police arrested him in London in March 2019 and since then he has applied for bail on several occasions but has been dismissed by Westminster Courts and the High Court in London. Nirav claimed mental health issues in court, bad arrangements in Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, India, but the court did not accept them. The British judge said that there was no risk of suicide for Nirav Modi, if he is sent to India he will have a proper medical facility at Arthur Road Prison.

Played many games, all failed
During a hearing into the case, Nirav Modi was seen as lifeless most of the time. In view of this, at one point the court stopped the hearing and asked to investigate the loss of video contact. The court asked Nirav to make gestures from time to time so that the court could be assured that he was involved in the proceedings. After that, the hearing of the case focused on his mental state.

Nirav Modi’s mental state is not correct? The court hearing the extradition case in the PNB scam also surprised
‘Terrorist detained in the same prison’
Nirav Modi’s lawyers also claimed that his client had been the subject of a “media trial” and that he would not receive a fair trial in India. Claimed that Arthur Road Prison was housed in a terrorist. Therefore, he was completely covered. Along with this, besides the heat in the barracks, there are other issues like humidity, dust, insects and spiders.

What was the problem?
On January 31, 2018, the CBI registered a case against Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and others, including the head of the National Bank of the Punjab (PNB). The FIR was filed on the bank’s complaint alleging that the accused had issued a “letter of commitment” from the public bank in a bogus conspiracy to criminalize the conspiracy. With the letter of commitment, the bank guarantees abroad when the customer requests a loan.

When did you leave the country and run away?
The first indictment in this case was filed on May 14, 2018, in which 25 people, including Modi, were indicted and the second indictment was filed on December 20, 2019, in which 30 including 25 former defendants have been cited. Nirav Modi had left the country on January 1, 2018, even before the CBI filed an FIR. Subsequently, in June 2018, at the request of the CBI, Interpol issued a formal notice against him.

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