Nirav Modi News: Nirav Modi’s extradition to India will worsen suicidal tendencies, lawyer says in UK court

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India makes various excuses to avoid extradition Nirav Modi’s lawyers said in court – there is a risk of suicide in India, lawyers asked UK court not to believe Indian government’s assurance
Fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi presents various apologies to the UK court to avoid being extradited to India. His lawyers argued in the High Court in London on Wednesday over Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. Nirav’s attorneys have claimed that due to Corona’s widespread impact in Arthur Road Prison, the possibility of his client committing suicide will increase. After his extradition to India, Nirav is likely to be detained in this prison.

Nirav Modi wanted in GNP scam
Nirav Modi is wanted in connection with the $ 2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud. Nirav, housed at Wentworth Prison in South West London, attended the hearing digitally. His lawyers made this argument by seeking leave to appeal the extradition order made by District Judge Sam Goose in February and approved by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel in April.

Lawyers plead for Nirav’s suicide
During the hearing of the new petition presented to Judge Martin Chamberlain, Nirav’s lawyers requested a full hearing on the grounds that extradition would not be appropriate given his mental state as he could commit suicide. Nirav’s attorney, Edward Fitzgerald, argued Judge Goose erred in favoring his extradition in February. The judges came to the conclusion that Nirav’s severe depression was not unusual given his imprisonment and showed no tendency towards suicide.

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The lawyer said – Nirav’s mental state is not correct
Fitzgerald stated that the district judge erred in ruling that there was nothing abnormal in the mental state of the petitioner (Nirav) and that it was wrong to arrive at a result based on his Current state. Nirav’s lawyers referred to the report by forensic psychiatrist Dr Andrew Forrester, which had previously been presented to Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London. Forrester had said in the August 27, 2020 report that not at this time, but there is a risk of increased suicidal tendencies in Nirav.

Nirav Modi News: Another blow to Nirav Modi by UK court, rejects request against extradition to India
Advice not to believe the assurance of the Indian government
Lawyers said the healthcare system has been severely affected due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. On the extradition order of Interior Minister Priti Patel, the lawyers argued that they should not believe the assurances of the Indian government. The hearing on this petition is expected to end on Wednesday after arguments by the Crown Possession Service (CPS) and the Home Office on behalf of Indian authorities against allowing the appeal. After that, it will be decided whether to be heard in its entirety in the High Court in London.

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