Nirav Modi News: Will Nirav Modi extradited to India after UK court verdict will know all updates: Will India be extradited after UK court verdict Nirav Modi

The UK court has approved the extradition of Nirav Modi, on the run in the Punjab National Bank fraud case, to India. After that, it is hoped that Nirav Modi, accused of embezzling around 12,000 crore rupees from the Punjab National Bank, will soon come to India. After arriving in India, Nirav Modi will be detained at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. But, according to British laws, many screws are still stuck when Nirav arrives in India.

Appeal option left to the British High Court
Nirav Modi still has the option of appealing to the High Court against the Westminster Court verdict. Nirav Modi’s lawyers will also speak with Indian investigative agencies and UK prosecutors at the hearing here as well. After which, the High Court will issue its decision to extradite Nirav to India. In such a situation, the hopes of this fugitive businessman coming to India at this time are low.

The decision will be forwarded to the UK Home Secretary
The verdict from the Westminster Magistrate Court in London will be sent today to UK Home Secretary Preeti Patel for signature. After which the British Minister will give his approval to this decision of the court. Nirav Modi’s extradition to India may be delayed even though there is a bottleneck here. However, many Indian government officials maintain close contact with the UK government.

Nirav Modi was arrested on March 19, 2019
Nirav Modi was arrested on March 19, 2019 on an extradition warrant, and has been implicated via a video link from Wandsworth Prison during several hearings related to the extradition case. The court has already rejected several bail requests from Nirav.

What did the court say in today’s decision
Westminster Court Judge Samuel Gooji, while delivering the verdict today, made it clear that there was evidence needed to convict Nirav. The court also admitted that Nirav Modi conspired to erase evidence and threaten witnesses.

Nirav Modi’s mental health argument also dismissed
The UK court also dismissed Nirav Modi’s plea for mental health issues. The court said that in such a situation it is not uncommon. The judge said Nirav Modi will receive adequate treatment and mental health care at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. The judge said there was no risk of suicide sending Nirav Modi to India as he has an adequate medical facility in Arthur Road Prison.

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