Nirav Modi PNB scam: Extradition of Nirav Modi: Fugitive back in India, the British Minister of the Interior seals the extradition of Nirav Modi

The way has been cleared for Nirav Modi to come to India, accused of thousands of crore of rupee scam. According to the CBI, the British Home Secretary has given the green signal to the extradition of fugitive diamond dealer Modi. Modi, who was traveling to London and sitting in the Punjab with a loss of around 12,000 crore rupees to the Punjab National Bank, was trying to avoid this step in the yard there.

However, in February, the court admitted that it had sufficient evidence against him and dismissed all of his pleas. The court also ruled that Nirav Modi conspired to erase evidence and threaten witnesses. Numerous attempts to release Nirav Modi on bail were rejected by the district court and the High Court because he risked absconding.

Mental health mention was given in court
Nirav had cited mental health in court to escape, but the court said in such a situation, it is not uncommon. The judge said Nirav Modi will receive adequate treatment and mental health care at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. The judge said there was no risk of suicide sending Nirav Modi to India as he has an adequate medical facility in Arthur Road Prison.

Nirav Modi holds $ 180 million
According to Forbes, Nirav Modi’s total wealth in 2017 was $ 180 million (around Rs 11,700 crore). Nirav Modi’s company is headquartered in Mumbai. In March 2018, Nirav Modi filed for bankruptcy protection in New York.

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