Nithyananda: Where is the country of the fugitive godman Nityananda, accused of rape? All About Kailasa – Nithyananda Offers Visa to Kailasa Nation, Know Its Mysterious Island Nation

Nithyananda Kailasa Visa: Nityananda, the fugitive accused in the rape case, is making headlines again. The disputed religious leader, who calls himself God, is said to have settled in Kailasa, a new country near Trinidad. Now he is asking his devotees to apply for a visa to come to Kailasa. In a video statement, Nityananda said chartered flight service is available to come to Kailasa.

Fugitive Nityananda issues visa for Kailasha

Nityananda said in this video that the person coming to Kailasha would only be allowed to stay for three days. Nityananda also gave a route map for visiting Kailasa. Nityananda asked his followers to fly to Australia. It will be followed by a chartered airline to Kailasa. Nityananda had claimed to establish his own Kailasa kingdom last year. Several of his videos have since appeared. In this he gave a lot of information relating to Kailasa. He also claimed that Kailasa also had a separate currency, reserve bank and all other facilities.

Where is the so-called Kailasha country of Nityananda

In fact, there are many island states in South America, including Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, where anyone can buy the island privately. It is directly like buying land. It is believed that the fugitive rape accused Nityananda also bought a small private island somewhere around this and named it Kailasa, which claimed to be the only Hindu nation in the world. However, its exact location is still not known.

Making country by buying islands is not a game

No one can declare a country by buying an island. According to experts, it is not a game to go to an empty country or island and take a piece of land and declare it a nation. It is necessary for any given nation that other countries of the world recognize it and that the UN also accepts its sovereignty.

Nityananda giving spiritual citizenship

According to its website, Nityananda has also formed a cabinet in Kailasa, to which departments like health, education, technology and housing belong. However, in the column on citizenship, we talk about spiritual citizenship. It is clear that Nityananda does not have any facility to settle in the said country. Nityananda had also issued a flag of this alleged country, which is shaped like a triangle. She also has an image of herself and has described herself as a supreme being. He named this flag Rishabhadhwaja, on which Nandi’s photo also remains.

Who is nityananda

Nityananda’s real name is A. Rajasekharan. According to his biography, Nityananda has studied Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta, and Shaiva Philosophy since childhood. He had visited the temple since childhood. He was educated at Ramakrishna Math and Nityananda’s date of birth is also in dispute. When obtaining an American visa in 2003, he indicated his date of birth on March 13, 1977. Whereas, in the affidavit submitted to the High Court of Karnataka, his date of birth is January 1, 1978. It is said that Nityananda’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is also false.

Monastery formed by the creation of Nityananda Peetham

In 2000, he founded Nityananda Dhyanapitham in Bidadi, Karnataka. In 2003, he founded the Life Bliss Foundation in Los Angeles, United States. Nityananda meditation, yoga, meditation and many other fitness classes were organized. His bench has also built temples, ashrams and gurukuls in many countries.

Conflicts have a deep relationship

The disputed religious leader Nityananda first became involved in controversy in 2010. Sun TV from South India released a pornographic video of Nityananda, in which he posed with an actress from South India. Nityananda, however, alleged the video was tampered with. Upon investigation, it was found that there was no tampering with the video and that the video clip was genuine. In 2012, he was charged with rape. Nityananda surrendered after being on the run for five days. However, he was later released on bail by the court.

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