“No one was born who humiliates me or humiliates Spain”

Updated: Thursday, June 24, 2021 9:00 AM

Posted: 24.06.2021 08:59

Pardons were the protagonists of the government control session on Wednesday. Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez are not the only ones to have organized a tense debate during which there were even requests for resignation and to call for elections. Miquel Iceta and Vox MP Ignacio Gil Lázaro also offered very vehement interventions.

And the fact is that the far-right politician accused Sánchez’s executive of having made “a disgusting maneuver” and of giving in to “the coup plotters who say they are going to do it again”. He also assured that they would sit all the ministers “in front of a tribunal” because, according to him, this measure of pardon “is illegal”, despite the fact that it is enshrined in the Constitution.

“Millions of Spaniards are fed up with so many hoaxes and indignity and are ready to engage in VOX, which will defend them from a treacherous, cowardly and miserable government,” said the MP for Vox, s’ addressing to Iceta bench.

Faced with these statements, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service asked him to “withdraw the disqualifications”, although he said he knew that “he will not do it because you have to be a very man. “. In that same speech, he also emphatically pointed out that “no one is born” who “humiliates” him or Spain.

Regarding the question of the legality of the pardons that the PP and the extreme right have granted, he recalled that “they are governed by a law” and that the Government will not give “amnesty”, but will bet “on the dialogue and politics “. “With us, Spain is not in danger,” he said in this regard.

“Forgiveness is regulated by a law, and you want the law of eye for eye and tooth for tooth. But I choose the New Testament, that of forgiveness, the opposite of what you respect,” he said. condemned before concluding. his appearance in the hemicycle.

Likewise, the socialist leader declared that in his career as a politician in Catalonia, he always defended the Constitution and the legal framework, “which others did not do”.

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