“No one who calls himself a feminist can be a minister just because she is the wife of a vice president”

Publication: Thursday March 4, 2021 12:08 PM

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declared on Thursday that “no one who calls himself a feminist can be in charge of a ministry for the simple fact of being the wife of a vice-president of the government”, implicitly alluding to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, and the second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias.

This is how the President of Madrid responded in plenary session of the Madrid Assembly to United We Can spokesperson Isa Serra, who questioned her on the feminist policy that the Community of Madrid will develop.

Ayuso replied that “it all depends on feminist policies,” Serra says, since they can be approached “from a liberal point of view” or “from a communist point of view,” and said that for her, feminism is equality. between men and women before the law and “opportunities”, where “nobody is more than nobody”.

She asserted that the women who represent her are the ones who “fight and fight” and “break down borders” and that the “real fight” begins with motherhood and fatherhood, when people have “family responsibilities” and “no do not grow as much as the others “and this is where the Community must” immerse itself “.

He says they won’t stand up for the “criminals”

He urged to “protect” men and women who have “problems, whatever they are” and to defend that women “go as far as they deserve and their efforts take them”, but assured that they will not defend “criminals” like the rapper. Hasél, who asks for a “sexual submission”.

He also said they will continue to influence the revisable permanent prison, help “abused and raped” women and “of course” don’t think that “anyone who calls themselves a feminist cannot be in charge of a ministry for the simple. being the wife of a vice-president of the Government “.

Serra said that feminists are the only ones who “really” tackle gender inequalities, but Ayuso “does better with the women’s section (women’s branch of the Spanish Phalange party)”.

“You have always been against feminism and have resorted to machismo, but you have been criminalizing the movement for a year through the pandemic. Just when it is most necessary to denounce an unjust system for women (…) you are stepping up your campaign to criminalize the feminist movement, ”Serra said.

He accused Ayuso of wanting to hide the fact that they cut up to 40% of the budget against gender-based violence, and criticized him for attacking feminism because he doesn’t want women to be aware of what “We are able to do when we come together and we can move forward towards a better society for all”.

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