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The essentials Many Orange customers have received a text message from the network operator that offers a reimbursement procedure after breakdowns while in custody.

It was France 2’s journalist, Julien Cholin, who triggered the alarm. A scam would have been launched via SMS from Orange offering reimbursement after “absences while in custody”. The SMS does not come from the operator and this attempt is called phishing, a technique that consists in retrieving confidential information from Internet users, as Midi Libre explains.

Amazing scam via SMS: Compensation from @ orange for “failures that occurred while in custody” relates to the orange dot com account, a very well-made website, contact details, then to enter a credit card and its crypto. Bluff because the SMS comes from one of the operator’s channels.

– Julien Cholin (@jcholin) June 4, 2021

The page copies that of Orange perfectly

This SMS was received by the journalist and sent back to a website called “orange account”, which then prompts them to proceed with the various steps required to complete the reimbursement process.

After entering his personal details, the website, which is perfectly similar to Orange’s, will ask for bank details to proceed with the refund.

Orange, alerted by Julien Cholin’s tweet, stated that they looked at this report and confirmed that it was indeed a scam. The operator refers to 33700, a platform dedicated to fighting spam.

Thanks @jcholin for your posting. I confirm that our teams will take care of it.
If in the future there is a need to identify and report spam or a phishing attempt, I invite you, to visit
Have a good day.

– Orange (@orange) June 4, 2021

If you have become a victim of this scam, you need to contact your bank for credit card refusal.

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