No, the Community of Madrid did not “ hand select ” 15 million for Atresmedia as Iglesias says

Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 7:47 PM

The Community of Madrid did not remit 15 million euros to Atresmedia a few days after the call for regional elections, as assured by the United we can candidate for the 4-M elections, Pablo Iglesias, who came to say that to give these millions will influence the editorial line of journalists and professionals in this group. Some statements which are absolutely false, as shown here:

– First lie: the government chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso did not “buy” Atresmedia, the group to which laSexta belongs, as he said. The truth is different: Planeta Group’s education division, Aula Planeta, won one section of a public tender, while the other two sections were won by publishing house Edebé and multinational technology company. Inentium formation, with which this group has no connection. In total, the allocation of the three sections amounts to 14.5 million.

– Second lie: this concession did not take place two weeks ago and in a pre-electoral context. This delivery was decided in the summer of last year, when the elections were not on the immediate horizon.

– Third lie: it is also not true that the said delivery was “on the finger”, as Iglesias said, because it was summoned by the emergency procedure. Indeed, this was done due to the context of the pandemic, but it was through a public competition. And it’s not money for nothing. Thanks to this concession, the Community of Madrid has launched an online platform with which more than 6,000 primary and secondary teachers have been able to teach around 150,000 Madrid students. They have benefited from more than 20,000 digital resources for their subjects, essential for the smooth running of the courses for young people.

– And fourth lie: it has nothing to do with the private University of the Planeta group. Its opening in the capital received the approval of the Madrid Assembly in 2020, not a few days ago. The university is a project which has been developing educational establishments for nearly twenty years: in Spain, France, England, Colombia … More than 25 centers with more than 100,000 students of more than 100 nationalities.

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