Nobel Peace Prize 2021: End of nominations for Nobel Peace Prize 2021: Navalny, WHO and Thunberg among nominees for Nobel Peace Prize

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Nominations for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize include the names of Finagreta, WHO, Trump and Navalnyi to be announced in November for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner
The nomination cycle for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize has ended. This time around, among those to see for the award are former US President Donald Trump, Opposition Leader Alexei Navleni in Russia, climate change activist Greta Thunberg and the World Health Organization. With the exception of Trump, the three remaining candidates are nominated by Norwegian MPs. Explain that the record of the selection of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is the name of these Norwegian MPs.

Norway’s record in picking a winner
Apart from these candidates, thousands of people from all over the world have applied for the Nobel Peace Prize. It includes former Nobel laureates as well as MPs from many countries. The nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize closed on Sunday, that is to say today. Heinrich Urald, director of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, said Norwegian MPs have been nominated for one of the titles that have been nominated for the Peace Awards every year since 2014. The pattern is quite surprising in recent years.

The Nobel committee does not disclose the nomination
It will depend on the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to which this prize will be awarded. This committee never comments on the nomination. The Nobel Committee also keeps the names of nominated and unsuccessful candidates secret for 50 years. However, if the candidate wishes to disclose their name, it can be made public.

Who is Greta Thanberg
Greta Thunberg is known as the key player in the fight against the climate crisis. He won hearts with his speeches on several occasions. Apart from that, his war on Twitter was also discussed a lot with Donald Trump. In December 2020, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist was named 2019’s Person of the Year by the prestigious Time magazine.

Alexi Navleni is opposed to Putin
Alexei Navleni is a staunch opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A few months ago, he alleged that the Russian intelligence agency tried to kill him by poisoning him. After which he had to travel to Germany for treatment. He was arrested a few days ago upon his return to Russia, as a result of which huge protests against Putin continue.

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