Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Benjamin List and David Macmillan for a new way of creating molecules

Benjamin List and David WC MacMillan have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 for the development of “asymmetric organocatalysis”. “This year’s award recognizes” an ingenious way to build molecules, “announced the spokesman for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The German Benjaim List, from 53 years, he is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, a center created more than 100 years ago that is currently specialized in catalysis. British David MacMillan, also 53 years old, is a researcher at Princeton University, in the USA.

The French Emmanuelle Charpentier and the American Jennifer Doudna were recognized last year with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the development of a method for genomic editing.” Both researchers received the award for developing the CRISPR / Cas9 genomic editing technique, which works like molecular scissors that make it possible to locate any sequence of the genetic code of an animal, plant or microbe (CRISPR) and cut it (Cas9). This technology has been “revolutionary” for the life sciences, it is helping to develop new therapies against cancer and can make the cure of many hereditary diseases of genetic origin a reality, the Academy highlighted.

The prize is endowed with nine million Swedish crowns, about 940. 000 euros. This award follows the announcement made on Monday of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and on Tuesday, the Nobel Prize in Physics. Tomorrow the Peace Conference will be announced and, finally, the Economy one will be announced on Monday of next week.

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