“Nobody says anything about the content of the budgets, which are vital”

Posted: Monday, November 16, 2020 1:24 PM

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero defends that general state budgets advance with the support of EH Bildu because “democracy must be consistent and generous” and “we have been without ETA violence for ten years”.

The former president of the government also considers that “the logical thing is that the majority which supported the nomination is the majority of the budgets” and defends that “it is necessary to speak to everyone”. This coincides with the position of the executive of Pedro Sánchez, who assured that he would not back down in the negotiations because the accounts “are a priority”.

Regarding the criticism received by the opposition and regional PSOE leaders, Zapatero said in Al Rojo Vivo that “no one has said what worries him about Bildu’s vote”. “Nobody says anything about the content of budgets. Nobody disputes fiscal policy or the realization of European funds”, he declared in this regard.

No one disputes fiscal policy or the achievement of European funds “

Asked about the statements of Pedro Sánchez, who had declared in 2015 that he would not agree with EH Bildu, the former president of the government assured that “the formation of the government is something different from the budgets”. He also considers that “the most important thing is that now there is governance” because “they said that the coalition was not possible, but it was done and it works”.

Zapatero believes that the Basque formation lacks “authenticity and intensity” when it comes to recognizing “the damage caused” by ETA, although he defends that “democracy is generous and patient”. “We recognize the pain of the victims and their families, but we have the greatness to integrate everyone and to do democratic pedagogy”, he declared in this regard.

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