Noise, torture in the workspace

Solutions to make work more bearable during a pandemic

BY RRHHDigital, 11h00 – 02 January 2021

COVID19 has brought about many changes and one of the biggest is the rise of telecommuting. But teleworking is not without its problems. If you live in an apartment building, noise from neighbors can be stressful.

It is difficult to isolate yourself completely from noise, but there is a lot that can be done to significantly reduce disturbance for others, without becoming a problem for neighbors.

If you are in a closed room and the noise coming in is always excessive, the main thing is to try to cover the spaces through which the sound reaches the interior.

The biggest holes in a room are doors and windows.

Although the door may appear to be a solid piece that sound should not pass through, in reality it is not. The door may be hollow and not massive enough to stop outside noise. Also, if there is a space under or around the door, the sound will pass without any obstacle. Hollows are noise’s best friend.

To soundproof a door, you can do very simple things like add paste with wood or drywall and cover the gaps with weather stripping. Noise will not be completely avoided, but it will certainly reduce the problem a lot.

With a window the problems are similar, knowing that in addition the glass, if it is not thick, can even amplify the sounds. Solutions to reduce window noise are similar. One of the best things to do is to install blackout curtains, which in addition to helping with noise issues, are very effective at blocking excessive light from outside.

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