Nokia and Microsoft join forces to roll out 5G

No, Nokia does not come down to making Windows 10 or Windows 10X devices as our colleague Sergio Artime would like. The two companies have a good relationship after acquiring Nokia’s smartphone division. And as proof, we have their agreement to work on the private 4G and 5G networks that they sealed this week.

Nokia and Microsoft join forces to deliver 5G cloud solutions

The goal is to find new work scenarios in which to apply Azure technology with Nokia’s Cloud RAN technology and networks. It seems that the companies have seen the possibilities of working together quickly and the deal will make it easy to monetize the developments.

The collaboration will combine Nokia’s Cloud RAN (vRAN) technologies with Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer ecosystem to drive end-user functionality through new business cases. The initiative supports Nokia’s strategy of partnering with top public cloud providers to drive business results for end users essential to monetize 4G / 5G deployments.

In this way, Microsoft secures another big name for Azure. The Finns will use their Cloud RAN, Radio Access Controller and Multi Access Edge Cloud using Azure Private Edge Zone.

What is Azure Private Edge Zone?

It is a low latency solution that allows developers to take advantage of the 5G connection in areas such as: real-time robots, immersive mixed reality, and gaming. According to Nokia itself, the company will integrate its 5G RAN into the 4G / 5G core of Azure to demonstrate support between corporate networks.

Microsoft’s investments in networking seem to be paying off. This agreement with Nokia is not exclusive and the Finns will be able to work with other providers of cloud solutions.

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