Nomen Foods signs an agreement with Team Insights to be able to constantly consult its employees

Nomen Foods signs an agreement with Team Insights to be able to constantly consult its employees

Nomen Foods has taken a new step in its social commitment. In this case, the company has put in place new mechanisms to improve the well-being of its employees. And it is that its commitment to innovation covers both its production processes and its people management.

For Joan Sol, HR Director at Nomen Foods, one of his main missions is to make the company one of the best places to work and for that “we want to listen to employees”. The idea is to transform the concept of human resources and, as he points out, to “make people really matter”. We need to be “for and for the employees,” says Sol.

Para hacer frente a este reto, desde Nomen Foods se han ido implementing a serie de medidas y proyectos que sirven para mejorar el bienestar de todos los empleados: horarios intensivos y flexibles, reducciones de jornada por maternidad, excedencias y formaciones para todos los empleados, among others.

The workspaces have also been transformed, transforming the offices into a “Friendly Office”, the objective of which is to improve the environment by making it more efficient, modern and comfortable. Employees do not have allocated space, which makes the office more versatile, improving teamwork and interdepartmental relations.

Another of the measures implemented at Nomen Foods is the implementation of workplace climate surveys, but not from a traditional perspective, but rather by seeking constant real-time communication with employees. To do this, Nomen Foods has signed a collaboration contract with Team Insights to carry out recurring and completely anonymous surveys to monitor the status and motivation of the team.

Evaluations made by employees are used to apply measures for improvement. “Consulting employee feedback is very important and Team Insights is a great tool and it works really well,” says Sol.

More specifically, employee participation in these surveys has increased by more than 20 points with the use of this tool, giving rise to the conviction that people “want to be heard”.

Respect for equal rights, opportunities and obligations between men and women is another of the principles very present at Nomen Foods, which has started to work on an equality plan in accordance with Organic Law 3/2007 and Royal Decree 6/2019 of March 1 to guarantee equal opportunities and ensure that each person is valued according to their aptitudes and capacities without distinction of sex, age, race or any other variable of a nature. staff.

As part of this last measure, the company is preparing a protocol to prevent and combat harassment and sexual violence at work. So far, a six-person committee has been established and staff are trained and made aware of these practices.

Among the latest actions implemented, and which “are working very well”, says Sol, is the COVID-19 certification. Nomen Foods, in collaboration with AENOR, strives to keep all security protocols up to date to combat the virus. The measures include the distribution of personalized masks conforming to the UNE-0065 standard among the employees.

Another of the pillars of Nomen Foods is to ensure the environment and sustainability. For this reason, one of the initiatives that started to be included with regard to employees was the placement of free charges for electric vehicles.

As a goal in the near future, Sol wants to evolve towards greater collaboration of employees in strategic decisions of Nomen Foods. To accomplish this, that same year, Sun will draft and update an HR policy that continues to put the employee at the center of the organization’s attention, ensuring that best practices continue to be upheld. “If people are doing well, the business will be fine. It’s a mutual benefit, ”says Sol.

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