NORMON continues to invest in improving employee benefits

The laboratory opens a new store for employees, one of the advantages that the company makes available to its workers

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 07 November 2020

Normon SA is a 100% Spanish-owned pharmaceutical laboratory with over 80 years of experience that maintains a leading position in the national pharmaceutical market thanks to its commitment to innovation, technology and reinvestment of profits.

One of the pillars of the company are its employees. Normon has a large, highly qualified human team comprising more than 2,300 workers. Its training and specialization, as well as the innovative resources available to the laboratory, allow the company to have great professionals in the sector.

In addition to the opportunities that Normon offers in terms of professional development and continuing education for its employees, they also have a number of benefits and work incentives, including the newly renovated employee store. This project is part of the facilities improvement plan that Normon launched in 2019.

The store, which recreates the aesthetics of a pharmacy and whose new design reflects the values ​​of the company, allows workers to access a wide range of non-prescription Normon OTC products, at very affordable prices.

This is not the only employment benefit available to company employees. The laboratory provides them with, completely free in some cases and with substantial subsidies in others, a medical and physiotherapy service in the NORMON facilities, a shuttle service, flexible remuneration or its own dining room, among others. According to Alicia Fuentes, Director of Human Resources at Normon “At Normon we have a firm commitment to the health and well-being of society and, of course, we extend it to our workers, who are our priority and the driving force. of the company. , for which we will continue to develop new policies and initiatives ”.

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