North Korea: North Korean nuclear missiles ready for combat and fired at any time: North Korean nuclear missile is ready to be launched at any time

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Kim Jong-un told military to be ready to fire nuclear missiles at any time
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered the military to be ready to launch nuclear missiles at all times. According to the NK News report, the order was issued on the birthday of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea. This day is a public holiday in North Korea and people celebrate the Festival of the Sun.

Kim Jong can test a ballistic missile
The report claimed that North Korea could test a submarine-launched short-range ballistic missile (SLBM) fired from a submarine. It is claimed that 64 to 86 submarines are present in the North Korean Navy. Of these, about 40 are the Sang O-class coastal submarine, 20 Romeo-class conventional submarines, 20 Yugo and Uno-class submarines, and a diesel-electric ballistic missile submarine.

Think tanks are warning the world
The Asan Institute for Policy Studies and RAND Corp. warned that allied countries must stand firm against North Korea’s nuclear war efforts. He also said that North Korea’s infatuation could lead to the deaths of millions of people. The report states that Kim Jong-un is seeking to develop a powerful nuclear weapon to maintain his dominance in his peninsula.

Kim Jong Un: Dictator Kim Jong Un admits North Korea is in worst phase
University made to make weapons
Earlier this month, the North Korean dictator established a university dedicated to manufacturing missiles and nuclear weapons. According to reports, the college was named Kim Jong Un National Defense University. Work will be carried out on the development of hypersonic missile technology here. Hypersonic missiles are capable of traveling at five times the speed of sound. It is almost impossible to intercept them with current missile defense systems.

North Korea fired 2 ballistic missiles again, will Biden ignore that too?
North Korea took the test only a month ago
A month earlier, North Korea had tested a ballistic missile and a cruise missile capable of nuclear attacks. The firing of the two missiles has been confirmed by US officials and the Japanese Coast Guard. Concerns were raised at the National Security Council meeting held in South Korea immediately after the test.

The test was done after the failed negotiations with the United States
North Korea led the tests to a stalemate in nuclear talks with the United States. The stalemate came after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s second summit failed with former US President Donald Trump in February 2019. In this negotiation, the US rejected North Korea’s demand to remove the major sanctions imposed on it in exchange for the partial cessation of its nuclear program.

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