north korea room 39: what is north korea room 39 under kim jong un and kim yo jong: what is kim jong un kim yo jong secrets of north korea

There are few countries in the world that are known for their privacy. North Korea may be in the vanguard. There are many such stories about its dictator Kim Jong Un. At the same time, there is a place in the interior of the country that only a few people will know and be allowed to visit here. “Room 39” is located inside the Workers’ Party building. What goes on inside under strict surveillance is a mystery in itself.

Order in sister’s hand

Many reports have claimed that Kim Jong Un’s ashy life runs through the room. In fact, according to them, the illegal trade here causes billions of dollars in foreign exchange every year by then. Experts who monitor North Korea say political support or funding for nuclear programs comes from this room-39. Kim Jong’s sister, Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo Jong), is responsible for overseeing the activities that take place here.

What business are you doing?

Foreign currency reserves have been prepared here thanks to foreign investments, illicit trade, tax evasion. With its strength, the party remains in power. According to the Daily Express news, US intelligence agents tried to penetrate his security for many years so that he could be exposed to his truth but did not achieve much success. It is reported in the report that there is trade from gold and zinc to agricultural and fish exports. According to the Sun report, the treatment of fake Viagra with narcotics is done here.

Kim Jong Un’s dad did

This organization was established by Kim Jong Il in 1974. Its official name is called Central Committee Office 39, but in addition to room 39, it is also called Office-39, Office-39, or Division-39. Reports claim that North Koreans, even diplomats working overseas, must send a fixed amount here. When the country’s economy collapses due to international economic sanctions, Room 39 remains a huge treasure for the Kim family.

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