North Korean military parade: Kim Jong Un greets Joe Biden with destructive missile, world panics – Kim Jong Un unveils submarine-launched missiles during military parade in North Korea

At the end of the ruling Workers’ Party meeting, nuclear-armed nuclear dictator Kim Jong Un panicked the world by displaying his super-destructive weapons. In this parade, Dictator Kim first presented the submarine-fired killer missile. The cynical dictator is believed to have given a strong message to his greatest enemy by demonstrating his might just ahead of newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden. Throughout the parade, the North Korean military marched with more than one lethal weapon. As the North Korean people grapple with poverty and poverty, the dictator has spent a lot on fireworks. Let’s see the picture of North Korea’s devastating weapons …..

Dictator Kim Jong Unsaved Military Parade

North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong was at the center of the party congress held once in those 5 years. At this meeting, Kim Jong declared America as his greatest enemy. Photos of the military parade were released by the North Korean government agency KCNN. Kim Jong wore a black fur hat and a leather coat during the parade. Kim Jong Un welcomed the thousands of soldiers and the general public attending Kim Il Sung Chowk. The chowk is named after Kim’s late father. The North Korean agency said when thousands of soldiers passed by the state-of-the-art weapons booth, the public greeted them with a shout.

North Korea shows ‘world’s most dangerous missile’

The North Korean agency claimed that the “world’s most dangerous missile” was demonstrated during the military parade. This missile can be fired through a submarine. At the end of the parade, a new short-range solid-fire missile was presented. It is said that this missile can be taken anywhere quickly. Pukguksong-5, a missile fired from the North Korean submarine, is an improved version of the Pukguksong-4 missile shown previously. Earlier in October, North Korea launched the Pukguksong-4 missile. KCNN said: “The world’s most dangerous weapon, submarine-fired missiles are arriving one after another at the Chowk.” It shows the strength of the revolutionary army.

Kim Jong sent a strong message to the newly elected US president

North Korea did not show the country’s largest intercontinental missile during Thursday’s parade. This missile is said to be capable of dropping a nuclear bomb in any corner of the United States. At an eight-day meeting of the Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-un pledged to increase the country’s nuclear force and missiles. Kim Jong-un is believed to send a strong message to Biden, who will become the new president of the United States on January 20, through his declaration and show of power. Analysts believe Kim Jong-un tried to get the message across to Biden through his statements. Biden called the North Korean leader a thug. Biden had alleged that Trump had failed to curb the ambitions of the cynical dictator.

Fierce fireworks in North Korea fighting Bengali

Kim Jong-un also revealed his intention to save the country’s economy from US sanctions imposed by nuclear weapons, deal with the Corona virus and natural disasters. The North Korean economy fell into the ditch due to the American lanes, but Kim Jong Un fiercely set off fireworks during the military parade. Due to these restrictions, Kim Jong-un spoke to Donald Trump, but the conversation went unpunished. Due to these restrictions, Kim Jong Un is going through such a crisis for the first time in 9 years of governance. However, the North Korean leader did not rule out talks with Biden. Previously, Trump and Kim Jong’s talks had been widely publicized but failed to yield any concrete results.

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