North Korean soldiers died in quarantine camps: 4 thousand North Korean soldiers died due to Kim Jong Un’s infatuation in the Corona era

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Another infatuation was revealed by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in a shocking report from South Korea that killed thousands of soldiers at the Corona virus quarantine camp in North Korea.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has revealed another craze amid the Corona virus outbreak that has killed thousands of soldiers across the country. Since the start of this year in North Korea, thousands of soldiers have been killed in the Corona virus quarantine camp. This was revealed in a shocking report from South Korea.

North Korea has yet to officially acknowledge that a single case of the corona virus has been reported in the country. North Korea has closed its border with China and set up landmines in border areas so no one can cross the border. According to the Daily Express report, many cities and provinces in North Korea have been stranded over fears the corona virus has spread there.

North Korean officials also said they have built quarantine centers across the country for civilians and the military. According to the South Korean news site Daily NK, 4,180 North Korean soldiers were killed in these centers. Of this number, 2,800 military, 920 naval and 460 airmen are included. Each branch of the military has its own quarantine camp.

Sources said there were around 50,000 soldiers in these camps. Please say that after January 30 of this year, North Korea closed its border. Since then, very few people have been allowed to come to North Korea. Previously, Kim Jong Un claimed his country was a good example of how to deal with the epidemic. However, expert Kim Jong Un denies this claim.

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