North-South Korean War: Kim Jong-un asks army to be ready for guerrilla war: Kim Jong-un asks South Korea to prepare army for war

Some time ago, a report claimed that the ruling party in North Korea had withdrawn its decision to support the movement in South Korea. The Korean Workers’ Party has removed from its official rules items related to the decision taken in this regard. This decision gave impetus to South Korea’s advocacy for peaceful relations with North Korea.

instructions to the army
At the same time, according to the Asia Times, Kim Jong Un can change tack at any time and South Korea must be careful. The Asia Times article quoted Seoul’s DailyNK as saying Kim Jong’s army had issued instructions for a “guerrilla war.” According to the report, the military gave special instructions to the Storm Corps to get the guerrillas ready for war.

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advantage of movement
It also includes the provision of 3D military maps of key areas in South Korea. The report states that even when Kim Il Sung planned an invasion of South Korea in 1950, he knew it would require the help of an ongoing movement in the country. Guerrilla tactics have been used to destabilize South Korea and undermine the government.

It should also be noted that Pyongyang is making some moves around America’s and South Korea’s joint military exercise. A similar assault is to be feared.

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