Norway Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine side effects 23 deaths after vaccination One death in Belgium: 23 people shaken to death in Pfizer’s Corona vaccine

In Norway, the number of people who have died after applying Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine has reached 23. Among them, there are 13 people who are believed to have died from side effects of the corona vaccine. Meanwhile, after so many deaths, Norway changed its vaccine guidelines with immediate effect. In contrast, Pfizer, a Belgian from another European country, died 5 days later after applying the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it is closely monitoring deaths in Norway.

Norway changed its guidelines for applying the Corona vaccine after 23 people died from the Corona vaccine. However, even after these deaths, Norway decided to continue with the vaccine. All those killed in Norway were over 80 years old and admitted to nursing homes. Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Agency of Medicine, said: “Doctors need to carefully identify people who need to be vaccinated. Those who are seriously ill and are counting their last breaths should only be vaccinated after checking them one by one.
Doctor fell seriously ill after Pfizer received corona virus vaccine, admitted to ICU
Watch on Norwegian deaths under investigation: WHO
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said it was monitoring the investigation into the deaths in Norway. The WHO spokesperson said: “We are closely monitoring the Norwegian incidents and are in contact with the health authorities there.” We will be closely monitoring the cause and circumstances of the 23 deaths. Previously, Norway had confirmed 13 deaths from side effects of the vaccine. However, now the number of people who have died after vaccination has risen to 23.

Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine was launched in Norway 4 days after the new year. So far, this vaccine against the corona virus has been applied to 33,000 people in the country. It had already been announced in Norway that the corona vaccine would have side effects. Madsen said it appears these patients suffered side effects of fever and discomfort after applying the vaccine, which made them seriously ill. He later died.
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Madsen pointed out that such cases are rare and that the vaccine has been vaccinated for thousands of patients with heart disease, dementia and many other serious illnesses. He said he wasn’t too concerned about these cases of side effects at this time. He said, “We don’t worry about that. It is clear that these vaccines present little risk, except for certain sick people ”. The nine patients in Norway who had severe side effects include allergic reactions, excessive discomfort and high fever.

Pfizer gets vaccinated in Belgium after someone dies
In this Belgian too, Pfizer died after applying the corona vaccine. He is told he received the Corona vaccine from Pfizer 5 days ago. Belgium has opened an investigation into the whole affair. The person killed was 82 years old and suffered from several other health problems. Officials are now investigating whether this death is related to the corona vaccine.

23 people have died after Pfizer’s Corona vaccine in Norway

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