Norwegian PM’s coronavirus rules: Corona virus rule flouted by Norwegian PM fined: Corona virus rule fined

Norwegian police said on Friday that Prime Minister Erna Solberg had been fined for breaking the Kovid-19 rule. He threw a party with 13 members of his family to celebrate his 60th birthday in February, while events for only 10 people were allowed. In Norway, 1,01960 people have so far been affected by the corona virus.

Solberg was fined 20,000 Norwegian kroner, or approximately 1,75,648 rupees. Chupi police briefed on this at a press conference. The Prime Minister also apologized for having organized a party at a mountain resort. During this time, the event of more than 10 people in the country is prohibited. Police said fines are usually not imposed in such cases, but the PM is the most important in government to impose penalties.

The chief said that the law is one for all but that not all are before the law. At the same time, the Prime Minister apologized for this and also demanded to pay the fine.

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