Norwegian Public TV NRK – Explicit Sex Guide To Positions That Induce Agitation: 60 Ways To Have Sex On Norwegian Public TV Channels

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There was an uproar on the Norwegian government TV channel to learn how to have sex The official NRK TV channel has given 60 different ways to have sex In this guide, people with back pain or pregnant women also explained how to have gay sexoslo
There was an uproar across the country after a Norwegian state television channel learned to have sex in a very provocative way. Norwegian state television channel NRK gave 60 different ways to have sex. This also includes same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. In this guide, people with back pain or pregnant women also learned how to have sex.

It was prepared with the help of sexologists, doctors and therapists. How To Have Sex With Black And White Photos was posted on the NRK website. NRK said the couple in the photos were also living together in real life. She said in the photo these couples are just posing and not actually having a relationship.

The method of sex told on Norwegian state television

People considered this sex guide to be very offensive
At least 97 complaints have been received so far after the show aired. A lot of these people say that being a public television station, NRK should be fair about issues like sex. At the same time, many others considered this sex guide to be very offensive. Reider Christinsen, editor of the controversial Sex Guide, said: “We are very confident that we have evaluated everything correctly. We therefore do not intend to change it.

Reider said: “During the preparation of this guide, we spoke to 20 experts. Everyone thinks this sex guide is very beneficial and important. He also said that a large number of people give their support to this program. So far, 850,000 people have viewed this online sex guide in just five days. Even after this declaration of protest from his people continues.

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