Nostradamus Ki Bhavishyavani 2021: Nostradamus predictions for 2021 Asteroids at the end of the world – The asteroid will hit Earth in 2021, “ The whole world will be destroyed ”

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According to the famous French prophet Nostradamus, the year 2021 is full of devastating events, Ganaestradamus accurately predicted the terrorist attacks of September 11 against Hitler and America.
The year 2021 will be filled with devastating events, as predicted by the famous French prophet Nostradamus, who accurately predicted Hitler and the September 11 terrorist attacks on America. Nostradamus said that in 2021, for the first time in the world, these soldiers will come with microchips in mind. Not only that, a huge asteroid will hit the earth which will “mysteriously destroy all worlds”.

Born December 14, 1503 in France, the prophet Nostradamus made thousands of prophecies in 1555 through verses and poems, many of which have since been proven. Nastredamus predicted this for 3,797 years. According to the French prophet, the year 2021 will be very miserable. He indicated that an asteroid could hit Earth this year.

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“ Asteroids could hit Earth on May 6, 2021 ”
He wrote: “Fire will appear in the sky and a spark will be seen for a long time.” On the other hand, scientists who monitor the asteroid claim that the 2009 asteroid KF1 could hit Earth on May 6, 2021. Nostradamus made another prediction that in 2021, a microchip will be placed in the minds of soldiers. of the whole world. This year there will be a big leap in modern techniques used for soldiers around the world.

This mysterious gesture by Nostradamus is carried to China, which is trying to modernize its PLA army in a biological and digital way. China is making super soldiers who will be very powerful like Captain America. John Ratcliffe, director of the US Intelligence Agency, recently warned that China wants to dominate the United States and the entire planet economically, militarily and technically.

“ No one will be great and the whole world will end ”
The French prophet also claimed that Russian scientists would create a biological weapon that could destroy all of society. Nostradamus wrote: “Some young people will die halfway to begin with. They will die of hate but will give others a chance to shine. And great, inauspicious events will happen in an ordinary place. He said, “Parents will drown in everlasting sorrow. Women will celebrate mourning because of a deadly monster. The great man will not be there and the whole world will end.

Nostradamus also said that in 2021 a major earthquake would occur in part of the world. Let those who believe in Nostradamus’ prophecy say that the French prophet accurately predicted the terrible fire in London and the rise of dictator Adolf Hitler. For Hitler, the book indicated that he would be born into a poor family in a village near a river. Hitler was born into a poor family, and from there the river was very close. He also says that Nostradamus correctly predicted the French Revolution and the making of the atomic bomb. Contrary to this claim, the prediction of the destruction of the earth in 1999 by Nostradamus turned out to be completely wrong.

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