Notifications in Microsoft Edge take it to the next level

Microsoft today announced how Microsoft Edge notifications have been improved in Windows 10. A substantial change that narrows the differences between native apps and web pages. Let’s see what they’ve been working on and why they’re so important.

Microsoft Edge publishes notifications that integrate with Windows 10

“Most desktop browsers only receive notifications when they’re running, so users miss out on important updates if the browser is closed,” writes the Microsoft Edge team. “And when users finally open their browsers, they’re treated with a flood of incoming notifications that may no longer be relevant.”

The legacy version of Microsoft Edge supports background notifications to avoid this problem. And now the new Chromium-based browser version does it too, Microsoft says: All we need is Edge 85 or later on Windows 10 version 20H1 or later. And developers don’t have to write any special code – background notifications will only work.

Speaking of which, Edge now supports taskbar notifications, such as unread email for an email app, for progressive web apps (PWAs), and pinned sites. This support came in Edge 81 and works even when the web app or site is not open. And, yes, the user must turn off notifications before these badges appear.

“Between background notifications when the browser is closed, creating more reliable badges, and supporting badges on pinned sites, users can be sure to always receive important updates for their favorite sites. in Microsoft Edge, ”notes the Edge team. “And best of all, developers who already use a notification service don’t have to do anything.”

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