“Now it looks like he’s a virologist”

Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 11:49 AM

Posted: 23.03.2021 11:37

Diaz Ayuso’s energetic response to Cantabrian President Miguel Ángel Revilla, after assuring that “Madrid is going to be a bomb in 15 or 20 days”: “It now seems that he is a virologist and health expert. If so, I wonder what ‘he was able to give his citizens the “revilletas” (disposable masks made of cellulosic material similar to bar towels) as the only alternative to health protection “.

“At no point did we mention other communities out of respect. I think if we start to compare how things have been handled, maybe Madrid will have to show their chest at some point,” Díaz added. Ayuso to questions about laSexta.

This is Díaz Ayuso’s reaction after Revilla claimed that after seeing the measures applied by the Madrid region, infections will skyrocket in a few weeks. This happened in a scene captured by a camera. Miguel Ángel Revilla contaba su propia experiencia en Madrid a un grupo de personas: “Yo fui a cenar el sábado a la calle Ponzano y parecía una manifestación eso. Y la mitad no llevaban mascarillas. Madrid will be a bomba dentro of 15 or 20 days”.

“The problem is not them, it is that those who die are those who are infected by them, the grandparents … That is the problem”, continued to explain the Cantabrian president in this article. improvised group. “The dead don’t speak, but statistically you look at the death rate in Madrid and tell me,” Revilla added. “Of course, more than double here,” another person replied.

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