Now, Putin will also receive the Russian Sputnik v vaccine vaccine, with formal approval – Vladimir Putin will soon receive the Russian-made Sputnik v Covid vaccine

President Vladimir Putin will also receive a dose of the vaccine amid the still growing epidemic of the Corona virus in Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said President Putin had given permission to apply the Sputnik V vaccine. After that, all formalities before placing the vaccine are underway. Let’s say that from December, Russia launched the voluntary vaccination program of the Sputnik vaccine.

Putin read songs in praise of Sputnik
Putin praised the Sputnik V vaccine as being effective and safe. He said I saw no reason why I shouldn’t get this vaccine. He also said that I was waiting for the corona vaccine. On August 11, the day the Sputnik V vaccine was launched, Putin hailed it as safe.

Older people also say the vaccine works
Just a few days ago, the Russian Ministry of Health announced that its vaccine against the corona virus was working well for the elderly. After which the Ministry of Health asked people over 60 to apply for vaccination from Monday on its website. After that, this vaccine will now also be presented to the elderly.

This vaccine is 92% effective
The Gamalaya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, the company that created Sputnik V, reported that the results were revealed after analyzing three final checkpoints of the vaccine’s clinical trial data. In the first checkpoint the vaccine showed an effect of 92%, while in the second checkpoint the figure was 91.4%. The vaccine has been shown to be 100% effective against severe cases of the corona virus. According to the company, data from the vaccine’s clinical trial will soon be published in prestigious scientific journals.

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Russia even after two COVID vaccines, records new patients found in 24 hours
How the Russian Sputnik V vaccine works
The Russian vaccine is based on the common adenovirus which causes the common cold. This vaccine was created artificially. It mimics the structural protein found in the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which produces the exact same immune response in the body following infection with the corona virus. That is, in a way, the human body responds the same as infection with the corona virus, but it does not have the fatal consequences of COVID-19. Clinical trials began on June 18 at Moscow University, Seshenov. In a study of 38 people, this vaccine was found to be safe. Immunity was also found against viruses in all volunteers.

People also doubt Russian Corona vaccine
Russia is also criticized for not having completed all phases of the experimental test. Domestic and foreign experts have also warned about the widespread use of the Russian vaccine until its completion. At the same time, Russia continued to vaccinate at-risk groups, including health workers working on the frontlines, ignoring suggestions.

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