Now you can play free games online without needing Xbox Live

One of the criticisms in recent months is that PlayStation users could play games like Fortnite or Rocket League for free online. However, if we had an Xbox it was necessary to have Xbox Live Gold and that was a disadvantage for Xbox users. As had already been announced, this was going to change and it is already a reality.

Now you can play free online games for free without needing Xbox Live

The Xbox update that will allow us to play so-called Free To Play (F2P) games for free is now available to all users. It was absurd that in order to play free games we had to pay to play online.

Also, Sony and Nintendo did not need to pay for their corresponding online services to play F2P games. This has positioned the Xbox in a very negative way compared to its rivals. This is good news, although the Xbox Live service still looks somewhat archaic and shouldn’t be paid for.

Currently we can play 50 different F2P game titles online for free. Great encouragement for these games and for their player base who will see how more people can consider playing their games online for free. You have the complete list in the following link.

From the Xbox team, they claim to have listened to users and the hard evidence is that decision. Being able to enjoy this type of game online for free is great news and we hope that the Xbox will continue to improve in the most controversial areas.

It looks like the Xbox image is finally starting to recover from the previous generation’s problems. Under the direction of Phil Spencer, he is shaking up the video game industry in multiple areas and big surprises still await us at E3.

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