Nuance Communications could be acquired for 16 billion

Bloomberg’s Newsflash, the Redmond giant appears to be in advanced talks to acquire Nuance Communications Inc. for $ 16 billion. This is an artificial intelligence company with which they have partnered in the past, dedicated to health.

Nuance Communications, Microsoft’s next goal

If that comes to pass, the purchase of Nuance would be the second largest acquisition in Microsoft’s history after LinkedIn. An opportunity for Microsoft to enter the healthcare market. We’ll go into a bit more detail about what this company does and why the Redmond giant is so interested in this company.

Nuance is best known for laying the foundation for the technology that powers Apple’s Siri voice software. In addition, they acquired the Swype company which was responsible for creating the first sliding keyboard. But without a doubt, his greatest asset is to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence with products such as:

Natura NaturallySpeaking Dragon mobile assistant

Talks between the two companies are “ongoing”, according to the report and have not been finalized. Nuance works with various companies in the verticals selling bespoke healthcare products, multichannel solutions and Dragon speech recognition.

The relationship between the companies began in 2019 when the two companies announced a strategic agreement to offer Clinical Environment Technology (TCA). The two said they are working together on the Dragon Medical platform on Azure, Azure AI Services and ProjectEmpowerMD, as well as other conversational artificial intelligence technologies developed by the two companies. Last fall, it was announced that the Dragon Ambient Experience API has been integrated with Microsoft Teams. At the moment it is a Bloomberg rumor and Microsoft has not yet spoken about this rumor.

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