Nuclear waste: New diamond battery for nuclear waste will last 28,000 years: Battery made from nuclear waste will continue to provide power for 28,000 years

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An American start-up has built a superpower battery out of nuclear waste. This battery will continue to provide energy for 28,000 years, production will begin from 2023, claims to be safe for humans, radioactive materials will be used in Washington.
An American startup has built a superpower battery using nuclear waste. This battery will not need to be charged for 28,000 years. According to the report, the radioactive isotopes derived from the nuclear vest are combined with ultra-thin layers of nanodiamonds to form a battery shape. This battery is so powerful that it can power 400 generations of humans without being recharged.

Claim to start battery production by 2023
Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) claims that this radioactive battery is completely safe for humans. The startup also claimed that we will begin production of this battery within the next two years. As a first step, it will be made available to its business partners, including long-term missions by space agencies.

Will give energy to the mobile or electric car for 10 years
The company is also working on the customer version of this battery, which can power a smartphone or an electric car without recharging for more than 10 years. The company said this not only saves us from having to frequently recharge our devices, but also solves the environmental issues associated with the manufacture and disintegration of the battery.

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This is the technology behind Diamond Battery
This battery derives its energy from the graphite of radioactive waste. Used in graphite cooled nuclear reactors. Very fine crystalline diamonds are therefore attached to the layers. Each unit will have a single crystal diamond which absorbs energy from isotopes. These diamonds have the highest energy conductivity, which means that they transfer heat from radioactive graphite very quickly. This process happens so quickly that electricity is produced.

Prove that the concept design is described
These diamond layers not only collect charge, but also prevent radiation leakage. The startup even claimed that it would spread such a small amount of radiation that there would be no threat to human life. The company has yet to produce batteries, but has a proof of concept design called “Diamond Nuclear Voltaic”.

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