Nuremberg trial: Nuremberg trial: 75 years ago on first conviction in a war – Nuremberg trial 75 years after the first war criminal tribunal

Almost 75 years ago, Courtroom 600 at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice was filled with the most devious celebrities of the 20th century. Among them were Herman Goering, Rudolph Hess, Hoachim von Ribbentrop and 18 high-ranking Nazis. They had not yet received the status of war criminals. This was an accusation that did not precede the Nuremberg trials which began on November 20, 1945. It is now considered the cradle of international law.

It was only after this that the responsibility for the resentment and murder against millions of innocent people was laid on the leaders of the government. Nuremberg was the city where Adolf Hitler reviewed Nazi Party rallies and enacted the racist laws of 1953 that led to the Holocaust.

Truth of the Nazi Party
Filmmaker Lenny Riefenstaal’s famous propaganda film ‘Triumph of the Will’ spotlighted the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1934. The footage used showed high-level officials speaking to a large crowd. The Nazi-commissioned convention hall near the parade ground was never completed. Today it serves as a center for documents on the history of Nuremberg.

The testimony of several hundred witnesses was taken during the trial, which lasted approximately 2018 days. Chief American lawyer Robert Jackson and his colleagues worked to publicize the German conspiracy to the world. On October 1, 1946, Air Force Chief Goering was sentenced to death along with 11 other people. One of these Martin Bormann died in Berlin, 7 were sentenced to prison and 3 were acquitted.

How it ended
He was hanged 15 days later in the prison near the courtroom. Goering gave his life a day before consuming poison. Events are organized in Nuremberg to commemorate this event. Among them, German President Frank Walter Steinmeer, guest of honor. Due to the ban on the Corona virus, ordinary people will not be able to participate but will be able to watch live broadcasts.

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