Nurses denounce that the slowness of the vaccination is due to the “disinterest” of certain autonomous communities and not to the lack of personnel

Publication: Sunday January 10, 2021 3:45 PM

Galicia and Asturias are two of the autonomous communities with the highest vaccination rate. Álvaro is one of the 200 nurses working to administer the vaccine as quickly as possible in Galicia and he says they even vaccinated him this weekend, “Saturday and Sunday”.

For the Nursing Council, it is “fundamental” that all regions give priority to this vaccination campaign. In this sense, Diego Ayuso, secretary general of the General Nursing Council, affirms that “there are regions which vaccinate on weekends, on public holidays and both in the morning and in the afternoon, which shows that there is an organization behind, that they have prioritized the importance of vaccination even on public holidays, while the other CCAAs did not have this interest ”.

In Asturias, the health system has been working on its vaccination plan since November 9. There, they trained 148 professionals organized into 55 teams to administer the coronavirus vaccine.

On the other hand, in Andalusia, 73 groups are moving to the residences, while in Madrid, which, with the vaccination percentage is at the end, this campaign is carried out by only 16 teams, or about 32 nurses.

“We do not understand why the nurses who work in the residences in Madrid are not trained. This would speed up the vaccination rate in these centers, ”says Ricardo Furió, from the SATSE nurses union in Madrid.

From the Nursing Council, they argue that it is not a question of a deficit of professionals, but of a lack of organization on the part of the autonomous communities, because, as Diego Ayuso points out, “only one nurse can spend an easy morning between 50 and 70 shots “.

“We have more than 3,300 nurses in Madrid”

“In Madrid, we have 3,300 nurses in primary care; see if they can administer vaccines, ”says Ricardo Furió.

In this sense, Minister Carolina Darias assured that the national system was well prepared: “We have more than 180,000 nurses in our public health system, which is a great strength.” Proof of this is that in just three months she managed to provide the flu shot to 11 million people in Spain.

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