obesity in China: more than half of overweight people are overweight and many are obese, according to a report by the national health commission

More than half of the people in the world’s largest population, China, face obesity. Concerned about this, President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party has launched several government projects. Through this, efforts are being made to lift people out of the problem of growing obesity in the country. In 2002, the number of people facing obesity in China was 29%.

Over 50% of overweight people
More than 50% of adults are overweight, according to the report by China’s National Health Commission released on Wednesday. 16.4 percent of these people are obese. This official report indicates that the country’s rapid economic growth over the past decades has resulted in major changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits. Obesity also increases the risk of many diseases among Chinese people, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Corona crisis has brought attention to obesity
During infection with the corona virus, the Chinese have drawn attention to obesity. Several studies have also shown that obese people have a higher risk of the corona virus. Chinese nutrition expert Wang Dan said that many adults in the country exercise very little, they are under a lot of pressure. His work schedule is also very unsanitary.

Because of this, obesity has increased among the Chinese
This report attributes the rise in obesity in people to declining levels of physical activity. Only a quarter of the total adult population in China exercise once a week. The report also states that there has been an excess of meat in people’s food. While these people are reducing their consumption of fruits and vegetables. It has also been considered to be one of the main reasons for the increase in obesity in people.

Obesity has become serious in many countries around the world
China is not the only country in the world where the problem of obesity has become serious. Earlier this year, in 2020 itself, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that global obesity levels had tripled since 1975. These include low and middle income countries (developing countries). . According to WHO estimates, in 2016, about 40% of adults were overweight, while about 13% were obese.

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