“Obviously I don’t support the containers being burned”

Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021 2:56 PM

Published on: 02/22/2021 2:41 PM

United We Can parliamentary spokesman Pablo Echenique qualified the remarks he used in a controversial tweet, written on February 17, in which he called for forceful action for “the violent mutilation of one eye” by police: “He must be investigated and responsibilities must be purged forcefully.” “

At these words, the Aragonese politician received various reprimands, as it was interpreted that he supported violence in the streets. However, of their own formation, some voices have avoided explicitly condemning the altercations, which have been unfolding for more than five days in different parts of the country: “These are issues of political participation, not public order,” said Rafael Mayoral, who then asked LaSexta questions, insisted on the police abuse.

After several days, Echenique had not commented on the content of the tweet beyond the aforementioned response. However, this Monday, in an interview with TVE, he condemned the violence in a message in which he also wants to show his support for the young people who demonstrate: “I will not join in the criminalization of social protest and criminalization. It is obvious that in my tweet, I do not support the fire of the containers, ”he said.

Likewise, Echenique said that “while the vast majority of the Spanish population and political parties” are against the altercations and the burning of containers, “we are talking about a false debate”. At the same time, he stressed that there are “endless ways to write a sentence”, and stands out from violence, but with a message aimed at young people: “I will not call the young people who demonstrate in the street. I’m not going to join this choir, ”he said.

For their part, contrary to what has happened so far, various members of the Government have criticized the acts of violence, such as José Luis Ábalos or Pedro Sánchez himself: “In a full democracy like Spain , violence is unacceptable, ”he insisted on to the president. of the executive. In this way, the PSOE again distanced itself from its government partners and maintained the message that “democracy protects freedom of expression, but not violence”.

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