OCU calls for free COVID testing for people who need it to travel without getting vaccinated

Posted: Thursday June 17 2021 6:28 PM

The Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) says the COVID tests, necessary to travel to certain Spanish territories and many foreign countries, are free for people who have not yet been vaccinated and must travel to the foreign. The association deems “unequal” and discriminatory “that unimmunized travelers themselves have to bear the cost of these tests – PCR or antigens. In general, people who have received at least one vaccine directive or who have had the disease for a shorter period of time “. more than six months and therefore enjoy immunity, are exempt from providing this type of proof.

In a statement, the association warns that although the percentage of the population vaccinated against the coronavirus is “day by day higher”, the youngest will not be until the end of the summer or even later, a a circumstance which, according to the organization, can upset the vacation plans of many families. “Especially if they plan to travel to places where some type of negative infection test is required, as is the case in many foreign countries, but also in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands”, adds the text.

For this reason, he asks that when the tests are obligatory to be able to travel they have no cost for the traveler “in order to guarantee equality and non-discrimination between consumers”. As calculated by the OCU, the approximate cost of an antigen test is 50 euros, which must be carried out less than 72 hours in advance and twice, once to enter the country of destination ( in addition to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands) and another for the return to Spain.

However, that cost could be higher if the destination country does not accept antigen testing and requires a PCR test, which costs around 120 euros, according to data from the consumer association.

In addition, the OCU used the statement to recommend that the European digital certificate be requested in the case of citizens who have received the complete vaccination schedule or who can prove that they have conquered the disease in the six months prior to travel. .

To request it, you can access the page of the Ministry of Health or through the web portals and accredited points of the different Autonomous Communities. In this regard, the OCU asks the regions which have not yet allowed the sites to apply for the certificate to speed up the full implementation of the system.

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