Office app for Windows 10 will soon let you view files

The Office app is a great bet from Microsoft. Present on iOS, Android and Windows 10, this application aims to act as an intermediary between users and the free online version of Office. However, during its brief existence, it has not fulfilled its role to a full satisfaction in Windows, which may end soon.

Office for Windows 10: a step closer to its iOS and Android sisters

As reported by the Dr. Windows portal, the Office application for Windows 10 will soon allow users to access files from the application itself. Until now, the app would open a browser tab when we clicked on a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

Thus, Microsoft’s goal is to convert the application into a PWA (progressive web application), using modern web technologies provided by Webview2 (the webview of the new Microsoft Edge). This important update will arrive in June and will allow you to view the files from the application itself but not to edit them. This last feature will later be integrated into the application and will make it fully functional.

Thus, the Windows 10 application will be a little closer to its iOS and Android counterparts, which already allow both viewing and editing of files from it. It’s one more way to bring the free web versions of Office closer to users, many of whom are used to Google Docs and many of whom are not even familiar with these Office web apps.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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