Office apps for Android and IOS will soon have dark mode

Office is one of Microsoft’s flagship products. Jewel in the crown. The apple of his eye. It is not for less, because it is the most famous office automation suite and its quality is beyond doubt. For years, Microsoft has strived to take the “Office experience” beyond its own operating system, working on both iOS and Android apps. Now it looks like a feature that is in high demand among users is about to hit them: the infamous Dark Mode.

Microsoft knows how important it is for users to have a dark mode that they can work with comfortably in low-light environments. The Outlook app for iOS and Android already has a beautiful, perfectly designed dark mode and that shows us what Microsoft is capable of.

Office applications join the dark mode craze

Today, thanks to Twitter user @ alex193a, we learn that Microsoft is already working in dark mode for all of its Office applications on Android. This includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as the generic Office application which functions as a hub.

Via: @ alex193a (Twitter) Via: @ alex193a (Twitter) Via: @ alex193a (Twitter)

As we see in the screenshots, the design is the same as used for Outlook, so we have no complaints in terms of consistency. We observe in the last screenshot that the sheet we write on is always white and does not also adopt the dark theme. This is something Microsoft could still retract from, as we’ve already seen how they work on a full dark theme in Office for Windows.

While this information is only for Android apps, due to how the Office team works, it should be assumed that Dark Mode will arrive on a date very similar to iOS. Microsoft generally doesn’t allow any of the platforms to be left behind in terms of features, and Dark Mode couldn’t be less.

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