Office for iPad supports mouse and trackpad

As you all know, the Office suite is one of Microsoft’s crown jewels, one of its most pampered and worked-on products across all platforms. Office apps for iPad are no exception, on the contrary, they are an example of good work, design and efficiency. Today Microsoft announces for the latter a functionality as claimed as necessary: ​​the support of the trackpad and the mouse.

Office for iPad becomes more productive

As Redmond announced, this trackpad and mouse support comes first for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Apple added support for this feature in iPadOS 13.4, making a giant leap on the road to productivity in its tablet operating system.

As you can see in the attached animated image, the cursor changes shape depending on what item it is on in Office apps, just like it happens in desktop operating systems we are all familiar with. like Windows and MacOS.

Another notable addition to this release has been a new home screen from which users can access various app options. This new experience, as discussed in Microsoft’s article, is designed to provide a cleaner interface that makes it easier to find what we need at all times.

We remember that Microsoft announced in May that this support for the trackpad and the mouse would come to its Office applications for iPad. They have kept their word and will continue to work to provide the best possible experience.

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