Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint will have a dark theme on Android

The reality is that Microsoft generally takes much more care of iOS users than Android users. This is not the best decision because on Android they have a larger number of possible users. But anyway, it looks like they’re finally going to level the playing field. Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps will have a dark theme on Android.

Office apps will have a dark theme on Android very soon

Thanks to the famous leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi, we know that Microsoft is already working to offer the dark theme in the main Office applications. The company had previously integrated the dark theme into Outlook and OneDrive on iOS and Android, but there had been an interruption on Android.

#Microsoft is working on the dark theme of the Office suite on #Android 👀

ℹī¸ Here are some screenshots of what Microsoft Word will look like, but it will also look the same for PowerPoint and Excel.

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) March 8, 2021

Like OneDrive or Outlook, it seems that these applications can adapt to the theme of the smartphone or choose the option that interests us the most. Also, the screenshots reveal that the writing area in Word would keep the color white, unlike the desktop version. Ideally, the same style should be kept between the Windows 10 version and the smartphone version.

The reality is that the dark theme is coming much later than expected. The Redmond giant had indicated that it would incorporate the dark theme in 2019 and two years later, we are still waiting for the long-awaited dark theme.

In addition, beyond the information obtained by Alessandro, there is no official confirmation of the arrival of this feature on Android. We’ll have to wait and see how the dark theme has been integrated into Android.

We are surprised by the delay because OneDrive and Outlook arrived very quickly on iOS and Android. However, the rest of the apps made it to iOS but the same didn’t happen with Android. We’ll see if we can announce the arrival of the dark theme very soon.

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