Offices are reinventing themselves in creative spaces Agile, collaborative, safe and efficient

Offices are reinventing themselves in creative spaces Agile, collaborative, safe and efficient

New global challenges are forcing companies to transform their own spaces to achieve a more flexible and flexible working system. In this way, creating collaborative and safe environments opens the door to new perspectives and opportunities.

Large tech companies understood early on that the traditional, aesthetic and hierarchical office limited their competitiveness and created disruptive, highly collaborative and efficient work environments.

This new model and its multiple variables have been structured using the Agile methodology, which makes it possible to create healthy, flexible and collaborative workspaces that promote well-being and stimulate creativity.

“Each company has its specific needs – says Soledat Berbegal, Director and Brand Director of Actiu – and to a greater or lesser extent, it must promote its most innovative facet to remain competitive. A well-designed common space, in addition to protecting health, must encourage creative encounters, allowing the transmission of ideas between people and allowing moments of disconnection between operational tasks that require concentration ”.

For the director of the Actiu brand, “many administrative and management tasks can be carried out remotely, but the co-creation, the development of a product or a service as well as the promotion of the creativity of the teams require a certain presence. Of course, each time, the projects and the results will be further promoted, offering responsibility, freedom and more confidence to the user thanks to methodologies such as Agile ”.

Talent attraction

Ideas and creativity are always the basis of any project and the people who make up the team the greatest asset. To these factors must be added the resources necessary to express and share their talent and, above all, a comfortable space that stimulates ingenuity and promotes teamwork from the premises of health and well-being.

Collaborative environments encourage people to participate, contribute and feel heard. At a time when attracting and retaining talent is essential, these spaces cannot be the result of chance.

Also from a distance

The last few months have shown that new remote working models are possible, but also the determining role of connection, communication and socialization between team members. The personal relationship generates trust and bonds that cannot replace screens, and these creative spaces can provide this intangible value. This is indicated by a study carried out in 2020 by Actiu in which 77% of those questioned said that the most negative part of teleworking was the loss of socialization and personal relationships.

Thanks to a flexible mentality and versatile furniture with auxiliary elements that meet these new uses, it is possible to configure a working environment in a simple and versatile way in any corporate environment as well as in third spaces. .

Guide and solutions Actiu Agile

To simplify the process and the transformation, Actiu has launched the “Agile Guide”, the objective of which is to help companies and workers to effectively build this new reality, with furniture solutions that make it possible to set up environments in which ideas flow and to discover new avenues, which also serve to improve processes, take advantage of all square meters and foster transformation.

Shared spaces, especially those for creative work, in addition to ergonomics, require versatile furniture, mobile and easily adaptable to the needs of each task. The agility of the elements goes beyond chairs and tables, and requires modular and flexible solutions that combine functionality and design, such as those that Actiu has incorporated in its Agile Guide.

A collection of novelties ranging from mobile bleachers that allow space to be redesigned in a simple way to Caddy 500 mobile supports, which can incorporate blackboards and screens while ensuring privacy. Agile novelties from Actiu also include decorative sound-absorbing panels that improve the acoustic well-being of the space as well as auxiliary support tables for informal spaces. All of them are particularly suitable for environments in which several people gather, to which the added value of design is added.

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