ohchr khori village: Why the demolished houses in the village of Faridabad Khori

Now the United Nations Human Rights Office has also jumped into the controversy regarding the displacement of people in the village of Khori in Haryana. UN human rights experts have urged India to stop the displacement of 1 lakh of people. These experts claim that at least 20,000 children are among the displaced. These experts claimed that the demolition of houses started from Wednesday in the village of Khori of Haryana built on protected forest land. Previously, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had made arbitrary allegations against India regarding Jammu and Kashmir and the farmers’ movement.

OHCHR interferes despite Supreme Court order
On June 7 of this year, the Supreme Court, after hearing, ordered that the forest lands be made completely free from encroachment. After which the administration issued a policy for the rehabilitation of the people living here and ordered them to leave their homes. However, a large number of people disagree with the government’s resettlement policy. According to the Municipal Corporation, the village of Khori on the Delhi-Faridabad border has 125 acres of land. From this, people occupied 80 acres of land and built houses. About 10,000 families live here.

OHCHR complaints – India protected land without forests
These experts claim that due to intensive mining in the village of Khori in the Faridabad district of Haryana decades ago, the protected forests in this region have been destroyed. Despite this, the land was designated as protected forest in 1992. There was no forest here before. We urge the Indian government to respect its own laws and its goal of ending homelessness by 2022. ‘ These experts also said that most migrant families come from minority and marginalized communities. We call for the homes of these people to be spared one lakh.

“Knowledge” given to people about the problems
These Human Rights Council experts said residents here have already been affected by the corona virus. In such a situation, the deportation order will put them at greater risk. It will be even more painful for 20,000 children. Many of these children may miss school. These people also include 5,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Residents of Khori Forest Zone will get 2,545 apartments, according to rehabilitation policy issued by state government
Haryana government released rehabilitation policy
By order of the Supreme Court, the Haryana government on Tuesday released a rehabilitation policy due to the protest against the removal of illegal houses from the Khori forest area and the request for rehabilitation. The local urban organization of Haryana transmitted the rehabilitation policy to the municipality. City Commissioner Dr. Garima Mittal, DC Yashpal Yadav and NIT Deputy Police Commissioner Anshu Singla jointly spoke on politics by holding a press conference. He said a total of 2,545 vacant apartments in Dabua and Bapu Nagar settlement would be given to the residents of Khori. But, before that, they must meet certain conditions. You will also have to pay money.

Why did the UNHRC take on the case of India?
The United Nations Human Rights Office has dealt with many internal Indian issues in the past. This UN office had made false allegations of human rights violations in India regarding the repeal of Article 370 of Jammu and Kashmir. Not only that, the UNHRC had issued a statement on the farmers’ movement without knowing the truth. India has also strongly opposed statements by this office from time to time.

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