OIC Secretary General meets Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Raises Kashmir Muslims issue: OIC, an organization of Islamic countries embroiled in Indian Muslims and Kashmir dispute, wants to send team

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The Organization of Islamic Countries jumped on the issue of the Kashmir dispute and Indian Muslims The OIC chief executive held a rare meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia raised the issue of Indian Muslims and proposed to send a delegation to Kashmir Diyariyad
At Pakistan’s request, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has now jumped on the issue of the Kashmir conflict and Indian Muslims. The OIC labor chief raised the issue of Indian Muslims in a rare meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and offered to send a delegation to J&K. He also called for a meeting between India and Pakistan.

The OIC issued a statement saying that Indian Ambassador Ausaf Saeed had a “courtesy meeting” with OIC Secretary General Yusuf Al-Othaimeen in Jeddah on July 5th. He indicated that the OIC Secretary General, during his meeting with Indian Ambassador to India, Saeed, reviewed the allegedly worrying situation of Muslims in India, the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir.
So the OIC against India? statement issued on Kashmir
The OIC operates by order of Pakistan!
This in itself is very unusual for the Indian Ambassador to meet the OIC Secretary General. No statement has yet been received from the Indian Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard. Two years ago when Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj attended the OIC meeting. The UAE had invited India to this meeting. It was considered a major diplomatic victory for India. In protest, Pakistan boycotted the meeting of foreign ministers held in March 2019. India did not receive an invitation after this incident.

In June of last year, the OIC held an emergency meeting on Kashmir. Several resolutions regarding India were adopted at the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the OIC Contact Group formed in 1994 regarding Jammu and Kashmir. Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey attended the emergency meeting of foreign ministers of the OIC Contact Group. Dr Yusuf Al-Othaimeen, OIC Secretary General, stated that the OIC is committed to the Islamic Summit, the Council of Foreign Ministers and a peaceful solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue in accordance with international law .

Difficult against India!
The OIC member countries have taken a strong stand against India, claiming that they support the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir. Apart from this, India’s abolition of Section 370 of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019 was also criticized at this meeting. Not only that, the OIC has supported the ongoing report on human rights violations in India while being trapped in the Pakistan trap.

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