old pakistan: “ the university of takshashila is part of the old pakistan, the son of pakistan was chanakya-panini ” – the university of takshshila is part of the old pakistan and chanakya panini his pakistan says a pakistani diplomat In Vietnam

Pakistan began to change the ancient history of the Indian subcontinent through false information, which was implicated in the spread of terrorism against India. Qamar Abbas Khokhar, who described himself as Pakistan’s ambassador to Vietnam, described ancient India’s iconic Takshshila University as an “ ancient Pakistan ” on social media. He has a fitting response to another infamous Pakistani gimmick.

Khokhar tweeted a photo from Taxila University and said: “This is an aerial photo of the University of Taxila which has been rebuilt. This university was present near Islamabad in former Pakistan 2700 ago. At this university, students from 16 countries around the world have completed higher education in 64 different subjects, taught by academics like Panini.

The atmosphere on social media heated up when Taxila University was described as part of “old Pakistan”. Let us know that the existence of Pakistan occurred from August 14th to 15th, 1947. There was no Pakistan before. Not only that, academics like Panini and Chanakya taught at the University of Taxila. Chanakya was a minister of King Chandragupta Maurya of the Indian subcontinent and the capital of his kingdom was Pataliputra (Patna).

Pakistan did not stop here to spread lies about diplomatic history. He said: “Panini, the world’s first linguist and Chanakya, a world famous political philosopher, were both sons of ancient Pakistan.” Let me tell you that in Pakistan the false history of the Indian subcontinent has always been taught in schools. A huge lie is taught in the history books in Pakistan. Students are told that there is great opposition in core Hindu-Muslim beliefs, which led to the partition of the Indo-Pak. At the same time, no such evidence is found in history.

One of the biggest mistakes in writing history in Pakistan is the manipulation of historical facts to appease the ruling class. This work has continued without interruption in Pakistan, whether there is military or civilian rule. This kind of mistake was made by the local school board that tries to create celebrities for children. However, this kind of game in children’s textbooks has been practiced in both countries. The Prime Minister of Education of Pakistan attempted to correct this mistake in 1948 itself. He tried to write history on the basis of genuine facts, but his efforts were not continued.

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