Old Windows Core “Polaris” Leaked Online

Polaris has come to replace Windows 10 on desktops and laptops. However, this variant of Windows Core OS ended up being canceled, along with Andromeda. Polaris ended up being replaced by Windows 10X and Andromeda, which would be Surface Duo software, died in favor of Android.

The goal of Windows Core OS is to provide a modular version of Windows, removing old features and legacy components, in favor of a modern user experience. As a result, the operating system would be more secure, offering better performance on low-end devices, with better battery life and faster updates.

Polaris sees the light in a version for ARM32

As we said, Polaris is the version of Windows Core OS for computers and tablets. Polaris and Andromeda have been replaced by Windows 10X (known as Santorini). Polaris’ goal was to replace Windows 10 S, as a modern, lightweight version of the operating system, by running Win32 apps in containers.

Polaris Confirmation in Windows Core Operating System Registry Editor

Now we can confirm the existence of Polaris thanks to the leak of Build 16299, which would be the compilation for the manufacturers of the RS3 branch. While that might sound really good, the leak doesn’t mean we’ll be able to test Polaris. This compilation does not include a shell or applications, so it does not have a GUI.

While we cannot test this version, it does confirm that indeed Microsoft was developing the Polaris variant of Windows Core OS. Additionally, it can be used by operating system enthusiasts to try to build a shell, access its news, and check how it works. Remember that this has already happened with Windows 10 ARM for the Lumia 950.

Another point to note is that the leak is compiled for ARM32. Therefore, he confirms that Microsoft could have released this operating system as an update for Surface RT. However, this development has been canceled, so we will have to wait for the release of Windows 10X, expected next spring.

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