oldest black hole: oldest and most distant supermassive black hole discovered: oldest and most distant black hole discovered

Scientists have discovered the farthest black hole from Earth. It is 13 billion light years away. According to experts at the University of Arizona, this supermassive black hole was born when the universe was only 67 million years old. It is a quasar. The powerful gravity of the SBH pulls the surrounding material towards itself, creating a disc of extremely hot material around it. This emits large amounts of energy and produces quasars.

How is this massive black hole?

The mass of a black hole called J0313-1806 is 1.6 billion times that of our sun and its luminosity is a thousand times that of our galaxy. It has grown rapidly since the Big Bang. So far, it is believed that SBH was born out of a cluster of dying stars. However, with the discovery and size of this black hole, astronomers now say it may have been formed by the collapse of the initial cold hydrogen gas.

How will this black hole be made?

It was found in the study that if this SBH was born just 10 million years after the Big Bang, it must initially have needed 10,000 times the mass of our sun to grow rapidly. This indicates that it was born of a different process. The study’s research professor, Xiaohui Fan, says the initial cold hydrogen in the universe would have grown so fast when hitting it at the start of the black hole. For this, no need for a full-fledged star. This can be understood by observing the processes which were fast when the universe was born but which have now slowed down or stopped.

The impact of the massive black hole

Models so far indicate that new stars are not forming in the galaxy due to SBH in the center. The energy released by the quazer dissipates the cold gas inside the galaxy which can form stars. Researchers say it was not yet known how long the process had lasted, but the oldest black hole found suggests it happened much earlier.

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