Oldest coin: China News archaeologists find world’s oldest known coinage in China

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The oldest coins in the world found in China were made here, the oldest coins in China were closed by the first Emperor of China.
The oldest coin-making workshop in the world was discovered in China. According to information, it started between 640 and 550 BC. The first metal coins were made here over 2,600 years ago. Archaeologists say the site was capable of mass producing “the first metal currency”. It also improves understanding of the origin of money.

Metal debris found on the site
Explorers discovered it during excavations in Guanzhuang City in Zheng State. Researchers found coin fragments, metal debris and dozens of used coin molds, confirming that this part of the factory was a coin workshop. The results of the investigation showed that the currency was very organized and produced spade coins.

The oldest metallic currency in China
These pieces received this name because of their digging spade shape. Spades are the oldest known Chinese metallic currency and are estimated to have been minted between 750 and 500, possibly for the first time in the world. They were abolished by the first emperor of China in 221 BC. Previously, they were used in Zheng and surrounding areas.

The weapons were first made in the factory
The lead author of the research and Dr Hao Zhao from Zhengzhou University said that the Guanzhuang factory started around 770 BC. Previously, it mainly produced ships, weapons and equipment. After about 150 years, coin manufacturing activities began in this factory. Radiocarbon dating of Guanzhuang’s coin suggests that it was minted between 640 and 550 BC.

Researchers hope the new site, located in Henan Province, will shed light on the history of silver and the course of its development. Previous research claims that coins were first issued by merchants, making it much easier to trade, transport, and record money.

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