oldest primate fossil: fossils suggest human ancestors coexist with dinosaurs: ancestors of humans living with dinosaurs

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Scientists have found that the oldest fossils of human ancestors are the oldest fossils of primates that are 68 million years old, including mammals like humans, apes, applications, their ancestors are said to have evolved over the course of dinosaurs .
Scientists have discovered older human fossils that could have lived with dinosaurs. These fossils are small teeth that may have been the size of a rat primate. A primate is a group of mammals which includes humans, monkeys, applications, etc. These teeth are 0.08 inches long and are believed to be the oldest plesiadapiform primates. They were found in northeastern Montana in 1980, but now a new study reveals their formal identity. The study was published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal.

Lived with dinosaurs?
These primates are believed to have lived when life began to develop again after asteroids hit Earth in the late Cretaceous 66 years ago. One theory says that the dinosaurs were killed by the asteroid collision. The researchers predicted the fossil would be between 1.05 and 1.39 lakh after this event, but they say it may have evolved from the first one that lived with dinosaurs.

Study co-lead researcher Gregory Wilson Mantilla expressed excitement about the possibility that ancestors would escape in the event the dinosaurs ended, and then evolve primates from which fossils were found. Plesiadapiformes are the ancestors of all modern primates, including humans. The research team studied these teeth in 3D images prepared using X-rays from CT scans.

What would these creatures have been like?
Two teeth of Purgatorius janisae and three new species of Purgatorius mckeeveri were discovered. Mantila told Live Science that P. mckeeveri will break fruit with teeth and P. janisae will eat insects. The two will look alike and be related. Mantila says the two may have looked like squirrels. They will do much of their work with smell and therefore their eyes will be on the shore.

With the help of these fossils, one will understand how life remained intact during this period and how it evolved later. The largest group of primates that first developed after the asteroid incident were the primates. They lived in the trees.

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